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Deity Worship

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Making our lives Deity-centered

On demand we give a course in three parts about Deity worship. Contact us for more information. From taking part in worshiping temple Deities to offering food to a picture at home. All devotees are encouraged to take part in this seminar for making our lives centred around the Deities of the Lord. Your participation will nourish your desire to serve the Lord, give a deeper understanding of the importance of your connection with the Deity in the temple and strengthen the community of devotees.

Part 1 - Discussing they why's and what's of Deity worship and the five parts of a day in the lifestyle of Deity worship, with Q&A
Part 2 - Deity worship practices and Srila Prabhupada's instructions, with Q&A
Part 3 - Practice day of three required skills of worship, which are:
1) Sipping water for purification (acamana).
2) Offering food (bhoga offering).
3) Worship of the Lord (arati).